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About Counter Response LLC.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to provide life-saving practical skill sets to enable anyone to protect themselves, their families and their community. CR gives you the advantage needed in any life-threatening situation by offering the most realistic and practical training available. Counter Response offers a comprehensive environment which trains our clients to out-think, out-perform and if necessary neutralize the threat.

The members of Counter Response, all experienced veterans from different branches of the United States Armed Forces, came together with a singular mission in mind; to be able to help ordinary citizens be better prepared at self-protection. Not only for themselves and their families, but for the betterment of all.

A simple thought and idea but with wide reaching implications.

The world is becoming increasingly more hostile as violent factions grow at an alarming rate. This has unfortunately spilled into our own communities as tensions and threats become more and more common. Wars ensued and the threat of terrorist activity increased. Indeed, we live in a different world now than what we did just mere years ago.

Our diligence has increased; our perception of threats have increased and some live in a shadow of fear and the unknown. Unadvised or unskilled in the needs to be able to face a threat of hostile intent.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

That is why Counter Response is built on three principals:




It is the belief of Counter Response that anyone can be taught the skills to be able to defend and protect themselves and those they care about.


Preparedness isn’t about just being diligent and informed; it means taking an active step towards what possibly COULD happen. Do you know what YOU would do should an intruder invade your home? What is the best possible outcome should you face hostile intent in the work place? Would you have the knowledge to make a seconds-fast decision on how to react? In part of preparedness, is your body fit and able to respond in the way it needs to be?



Most people possess the necessary tools in order to protect themselves or others. But what they lack is the necessary and proper training. This includes physical conditioning, firearms training and situational awareness. CR has created a comprehensive training philosophy that has combined physical fitness, hand to hand self-defense and real world and practical firearms training.


Now that the skills, body and mind are now prepared; now comes the ongoing commitment. Your abilities to keep yourself safe are perishable skills. They must be honed and practiced otherwise you lose that ability.

Our seasoned military veterans have over 20 years of combined combat military experience and are dedicated to providing a safe and positive learning experience for students of all skill levels.