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Is Counter Response an MMA gym?

No, although we do teach self-defense both on a bag and hand to hand work, our focus is functionality and training for real-life situations. We train self-defense alongside strength, power, endurance, and anaerobic capacity all during the same workout.


Do I have to get into shape before coming to Counter Response?

Not at all! All our coaches are trained to meet you wherever you’re at. We have members who are recovering from injuries and who have never worked out consistently before. Each of these members are still able to complete every workout due to the exercise alternatives that our coaches can offer.


What is the difference between the Alpha and Bravo classes?

The Alpha class is a more advanced form of training involving Olympic lifts and higher weight loads.

The Bravo class has the unique opportunity to meet you where you're at through a variety of exercises that work the same muscle groups, but are obtainable to someone with an injury or just getting into working out.

The Alpha/Bravo Hybrid class allows for both Alpha and Bravo members to workout together and encourage one another.


Who teaches the classes at Counter Response?

Every one of our coaches has been a Counter Response member and has a background in exercise as well as hand to hand training. They are all highly knowledgeable and want to see you succeed.


What is the atmosphere at Counter Response?

Counter Response is a community and a family, both our coaching team and members are incredibly supportive and uplifting. You should expect at least one high five after every workout as well as countless encouragements along the way. The workouts are by no means easy, but they certainly are enjoyable with a group of people who are all working hard right alongside you.